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The Grass is always Greener...


In the UK there are approximately 850,000 horses with an estimated 370,000 horse owning households – and around two million people ride regularly in Britain. In these worrying times of climate emergency, nature depletion and environmental decline, there is a huge opportunity for all of us horsey people to take positive action to create a more sustainable ‘horsiculture’ world.

Please see below a number of articles and items on this topic.

Cartoon illustration of horses in stable with solar panels, eating hay
Ways to create an eco-friendly stable yard – Horse & Hound
2 brown horses eating grass in field

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Ethical, responsible, sustainable horse ownership
Horse in meadow

The Equiculture Sustainable Horsekeeping Course

Lady cleaning horse yard

Top Tips For Sustainable Horse Keeping

If you’d like further advice and guidance on how to minimise the environmental impact of your horse-related activities, get in touch! A ‘Green Tips for Horsey People’ checklist will be available soon too, free of charge.